Accepted Papers

Full Papers:

Torvald Mårtensson, Antonio Martini, Daniel Ståhl and Jan Bosch
Excellence in Exploratory Testing: Success Factors in Large-Scale Industry Projects 

Gabriela Robiolo, Ezequiel Scott, Santiago Matalonga and Michael Felderer. 
Technical Debt and Waste in Non-Functional Requirements Documentation: An Exploratory Study
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Nuno Santos, Helena Rodrigues, Nuno Ferreira and Ricardo-J. Machado
Inputs from a Model-based Approach towards the Specification of Microservices Logical Architectures: an Experience Report

Jan-Philipp Steghöfer, Eric Knauss, Jennifer Horkoff and Rebekka Wohlrab. 
Challenges of Scaled Agile for Safety-Critical Systems
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Paivi Raulamo-Jurvanen, Simo Hosio and Mika Mäntylä
Applying Surveys and Interviews in Software Test Tool Evaluation

Yves Wautelet, Sara Shafiee and Samedi Heng. 
Revisiting the Product Configuration Systems Development Procedure for Scrum Compliance: An i* Driven Process Fragment
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Filomena Ferrucci and Carmine Gravino
Can Expert Opinion Improve Effort Predictions when Exploiting Cross-Company Datasets? – A Case Study in a Small/Medium Company

George Valença, Nycolas Lacerda, Maria Eduarda Rebelo, Carina Alves and Cleidson de Souza. 
On the Benefits of Corporate Hackathons for Software Ecosystems
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Fabio Falcini and Giuseppe Lami. 
Embracing Software Process Improvement in Automotive through PISA Model

Petri Kettunen, Maarit Laanti, Fabian Fagerholm and Tommi Mikkonen. 
Agile in the Era of Digitalization: A Finnish Survey Study

Jürgen Münch, Stefan Trieflinger and Dominic Lang. 
What´s HOT in Product Roadmapping? Current Practices and Key Challenges

Maria Caulo, Rita Francese, Giuseppe Scanniello and Antonio Spera. 
Does the Migration of Cross-platform Apps towards the Android Platform Matter? An Approach and a User Study

Sylwia Kopczyńska, Jerzy Nawrocki and Mirosław Ochodek
IWhen NFR templates pay back? A study on evolution of catalog of NFR templates

Jorge Melegati, Rafael Chanin, Xiaofeng Wang, Afonso Sales and Rafael Prikladnicki. 
Enablers and inhibitors of experiment-driven software development in early-stage startups

Dietmar Winkler, Kristof Meixner, Daniel Lehner and Stefan Biffl
Test Reporting at a Large-Scale Austrian Logistics Organization: Lessons Learned and Improvement

Robin Sveningson, David Issa Mattos and Jan Bosch
Continuous experimentation for software organizations with low control of roadmap and a large distance to users: an exploratory case study

Simone Romano, Davide Fucci, Maria Teresa Baldassarre, Danilo Caivano and Giuseppe Scanniello
An Empirical Assessment on Affective Reactions of Novice Developers when Applying Test-Driven Development

Helena Holmström Olsson and Jan Bosch. 
Data Driven Development: Challenges in Embedded and On-Premise Software

Ralf Kneuper. 
Integrating Data Protection into the Software Life Cycle

Stefanie Jasser
Constraining the Implementation through Architectural Security Rules: An Expert Study

Mikael Koskinen, Tommi Mikkonen and Pekka Abrahamsson. 
Containers in Software Development – A Systematic Mapping Study

Huynh Khanh Vi Tran, Nauman Bin Ali, Jürgen Börstler and Michael Unterkalmsteiner. 
Test-case quality – understanding practitioners’ perspectives

Ahmad Banijamali, Pooyan Jamshidi, Pasi Kuvaja and Markku Oivo. Kuksa.
Kuksa: A Cloud-Native Architecture for Enabling Continuous Delivery in the Automotive Domain
Paper Preprint:

Sousuke Amasaki.
Exploring Preference of Chronological and Relevancy Filtering in Effort Estimation


Industry Papers:

Christian Quesada-López, Alexandra Martinez, Marcelo Jenkins, Luis Carlos Salas and Juan Carlos Gomez. 
Automated functional size measurement: A multiple case study in the industry

Mario Winterer, Christian Salomon, Georg Buchgeher, Martin Zehethofer and Alexandra Derntl
Establishing a User-Centered Design Process for Human-Machine Interfaces: Threats to Success

Guenter Fleck, Michael Moser and Josef Pichler
Improving Quality of Data Exchange Files. An Industrial Case Study

Jyri Lehvä, Niko Mäkitalo and Tommi Mikkonen. 
Consumer-Driven Contract Tests for Microservices: A Case Study

Short Papers:

Victoria Torres, Miriam Gil and Vicente Pelechano.
Software Knowledge Representation to Understand Software Systems
Camila Costa Silva, Fabian Gilson and Matthias Galster.
Comparison Framework for Team-Based Communication Channels
Justus Bogner, Steffen Schlinger, Stefan Wagner and Alfred Zimmermann
A Modular Approach to Calculate Service-Based Maintainability Metrics from Runtime Data of Microservices
Paper Preprint:
Bianca Trinkenreich, Gleison Santos, Monalessa Barcellos and Tayana Conte.
Combining GQM+Strategies and OKR – Preliminary Results from a Participative Case Study in Industry
Alexia Pacheco, Gabriela Marín-Raventós and Gustavo López.
Technical Debt in Costa Rica: an InsighTD Survey Replication
Hubert Nourtel, Christophe Cerisara and Samuel Cruz-Lara.
Deep unsupervised system log monitoring
Ignacio Díaz-Oreiro, David Chaves, Brenda Aymerich, Julio Guzman, Gustavo Lopez, Marcela Genero and Aurora Vizcaíno.
Software development practices and frameworks used in Spain and Costa Rica: A survey and comparative analysis
Jessica Diaz, Jorge Pérez, Agustin Yague, Andrea Villegas and Antonio de Antona.
DevOps in Practice – A preliminary Analysis of two Multinational Companies
John Noll and Sarah Beecham.
How Agile Is Hybrid Agile? An Analysis of the HELENA data
Mohannad Alahdab and Gul Calikli.
Empirical Analysis of Hidden Technical Debt Patterns in Machine Learning Software
Ville Vakkuri, Kai-Kristian Kemell and Pekka Abrahamsson.
Implementing Ethics in AI: Initial results of an industrial multiple case study